As a residential design firm in the San Diego coastal region of North County, Loisos Design specializes in new custom homes, full renovations, remodels, and kitchen and bath additions. The firm offers full service design, 3D modeling working drawings, permit processing, project management, interiors detailing and construction observation. The firm also specializes in coastal permit processes.

Because of the established density of the coastal region, the firm primarily receives remodels and full renovation projects, of all sizes. It's not the size of the project that attracts us, but rather the type of challenge. When remodeling we work with the needs of the homeowner, our goal is to integrate new and old so that there is no obvious distinction. When designing new, the goal is to create a house that holds a distinct quality the owner and neighborhood will be proud of.

The firm values all home styles and holds a specialty for the contemporary style. Loisos Design, believes in the housing icon and its role in the urban fabric. We believe it's time to bridge that role, consider its impact on our surroundings and focus on sustainable approaches. Increasing the options for design ideas, and allowing those ideas to integrate into multiple sustainable uses.

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6418 Camino Del Parque, Carlsbad, CA 92011